Why Hummingbirds?

There are indications that some hummingbird populations are declining. WHP is here to help.

The WHP Network

Dedicated to building an effective and sustainable hummingbird conservation program through science-based monitoring, research, habitat restoration/enhancement, and education/outreach efforts.

The WHP Network

Projects, developing programs, and building partnerships that investigate what hummingbirds need to survive, successfully reproduce, and maintain thriving populations.

WHP Informs

Informing land managers, policy makers, and the public so habitats can be managed in ways that help hummingbirds and their communities thrive.

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Project Highlights

Learn more about our current WHP projects

State of the Rufous Hummingbird

A report on a declining species.

Hummingbird Pollen Collection

Xavier Rivera - Mosaics in Science Intern

Banding Rufous Hummingbird in Alaska

Gwen Baluss, biological technician on the Tongass national forest


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Our Partners make WHP Possible