Hummingbird Workshop in Mexico

Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve
Join biologists from Mexico, the U.S., and Canada from January 18 – 26th to learn or improve your monitoring techniques, explore the factors that impact hummingbird populations, learn new education and outreach activities, and attend a hummingbird festival. The days will be full!

Dr. Sarahy Contreras is a professor and researcher at the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources at the University of Guadalajara-CUCSUR. The results of her projects are applied to the conservation, management, and restoration of bird habitats in subtropical temperate mountain forests. She will be joined by Dr. Jorge Schondube from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico, where he conducts research in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Physiology.

The workshop schedule will include significant time in the field learning banding techniques and exploring habitats. Classroom sessions will address additional topics related to hummingbirds and their conservation, such as the impacts of fire.  The week will culminate with participation in a hummingbird festival.

Location: Participants will travel from Guadalajara to Autlán, Mexico, then to the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve. This magnificent reserve (featured above) is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Over 336 bird species have been identified there. Lodging at the Reserve will be in shared rooms with beds and bunkbeds. Hotel accommodations may be single or shared based on participant preference.

Costs for U.S. participants is $900, which includes all in-country transportation from Guadalajara, lodging, and meals. Participants from Mexico are asked to contact us at for more information and costs, which will vary depending on your location.

Activities: A general itinerary is provided below. This schedule is subject to change and will be updated as the workshop approaches. Participants should be comfortable in the field and able to hike.

Day 1Pick up participants at Guadalajara airport and travel to Autlán. Check into the hotel. Welcome dinner.
Day 2Breakfast and early departure  to Sierra de Manantlán, classroom presentations
Day 3Banding techniques, species, sex & age determination
Day 4Banding techniques, presentations on molt, morphology & health conditions
Day 5Habitat restoration for hummingbirds, fire & hummingbirds
Day 6Monitoring techniques, presentations, and workshop summary
Day 7Early departure for hummingbird festival in Ahuacapán
Day 8Birdwatching, hummingbird festival, and departure to Guadalajara
Day 9Participants depart