the co-founder of the Klamath Bird Observatory, John works with its Board of Directors, Research Advisor, Science Director, Outreach and Science Communications Specialist, and Executive Administrator. His specialization is in participatory action research, ecological monitoring and research using standard bird and habitat sampling techniques, the use of scientific results for overcoming land stewardship challenges and the development of applied science tools and teaching materials for natural resource management professionals, community members, and students of all ages. To complement John’s multitude of specializations, his achievements include the Partners in Flight International Leadership Award, the Joint Fire Science Program’s Best Scientist-Manager Partnership Award, and the US Forest Service’s International Wings Across the Americas – the Ducks Unlimited Taking Wing Awards. Currently, John participates in Partners in Flight, North American Bird Conservation Initiative, Avian Knowledge Network, North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Intermountain West Joint Venture, US Department of Agriculture Federal Research Advisory Committee, North American Bird Banding Council, Western Bird Banding Association, and Ashland Rotary Community Support Foundation.